Name of Rescue: Paws2Rescue

Website address:
Rescue Facebook URL (optional):
Rescue Twitter URL (optional):


Where rescue is based (Town, County): UK/Romania

Where rescue rehome to (e.g. with X miles or in X,Y,Z counties, or UK wide):
UK Wide

Type of animal(s) Rescue deals with: Dogs & Cats

Is Rescue breed specific?: No

Do you neuter all animals before leaving for forever homes where applicable? Please provide details of your neutering policy:
(*If any animals are not neutered before rehoming due to age/health etc. please provide specific details on your policies, timescales for neutering by the new home, how this is checked by the rescue etc.)

Where possible (i.e. Old enough to be) dogs are neutered/spay before coming to the UK. If not, it is written into the adoption agreement that this must be done as soon as the dog/cat reaches an age it can go through the process. This is followed up on when the dog reaches that age.

Do you always home check?: Yes (only exception is if a recent home check can be provided by another rescue)

Do you always vaccinate? (if applicable): Yes, this is required before bringing the dogs into the UK.

Do you always worm/flea treat? (if applicable): Yes

Do you microchip? (if applicable): Yes, this is required before bringing the dogs into the UK.

Do you provide insurance when rehoming to new owners?: We have an offer with Pet Plan insurance.

Will you always take the animal back no matter what? If not please explain under what circumstances etc: Yes, we do. We always try to find a solution which is the best for the dog.

Rough ‘donation’ required per animal, please also explain what this involves:

To adopt a dog from us costs £250.

Here is why:
Includes vaccinations, microchip, passport, spay/neuter (where applicable), transport, and kennel fees/foster fees.

Can RHU staff/volunteers contact you about animals needing rescue backup that have been posted in our ‘backup needed’ section?:

How long (approx.) has the rescue been active?: Since 2013 (3 years)

Other information (optional):
As well as rescuing dogs to bring over, we also work to improve the condition of rescues in Romania, run neutering/spaying events and try and educate the future generation to reduce animal cruelty.

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