Oakwood Dog Rescue

Name Of Rescue:
Oakwood dog Rescue

Website and/or contact details of rescue:
http://www.oakwooddogrescue.co.uk/ or our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/oakwoodcanin…ref=ts&fref=ts

Where rescue is based (Town, County):
Hull, East Yorkshire

Where rescue rehome to:
UK wide

Type of animal(s) Rescue deals with:

Is Rescue breed specific? Please explain either way:
Not at all!

Do you neuter all animals before leaving for forever homes where applicable? Please explain either way:
We have a strict neutering policy, and only age would stop us from having it done in advance of rehoming, but it does form part of our adoption agreement and the rescue may assist with the cost

Do you always home check?:

If applicable do you always vaccinate?:

If applicable do you always worm/flea treat?:

If applicable do you microchip?:

Do you provide insurance when rehoming to new owners?:

Will you always take the animal back no matter what? If not please explain under what circumstances etc:
Yes, we will even take an animal in with a history of agression as we are trained canine behaviourists and will either work with the adopters with any problems or take the dog back into our care for further rehabilitation and assessment

Rough ‘donation’ guide per animal, please also explain what this involves:
Dogs under 6 months – £275.00
Dogs over 6 months but under 7 years – £200.00
Dogs over 7 years – £125.00

These differences are not because we value dogs differently but because dogs have differing requirements for example older dogs require a higher commitment to vet care and so to help towards this we reduce the cost of our older dogs. Our puppies require more training than older dogs and so we raise their fees accordingly.

Can RHU staff/volunteers contact you about animals needing rescue backup that have been posted in our ‘backup needed’ section?:
Yes, you can contact Oakwood to see if we are able to offer any help on an individual basis

Other information (optional):
Our adoption policies, terms and conditions are in place for the benefit of our dogs and their adopters. We differ from most other rescues in the extensive support we offer post adoption for the life of the dog. We also rehome to anyone who can care for a dog, it doesnt matter if you work full time or have children. Every home has something to offer, more than anything we look for your committment and ability to provide for everything the dog needs. Then it’s just a case of finding a dog that is suitable. Our policies are linked to our dogs and not to you as a person.

What we will provide:

Free training services for the first 6 months
Half price training services thereafter for life
A dog that is neutered, fully vaccinated, Vet health checked and microchipped
A dog that is suitable for your lifestyle, home and other commitments
A dog that has been assessed for behaviour by experienced and qualified staff
Ongoing support for the life of the dog: support, advice and training just a phone call away, and a safety net should you ever find yourself unable to care for the dog.

What we expect:

Prospective owners must be 21 or older and a full home check will be required.
Any other family members and dogs you own must come along for an introduction to make sure they all get along.
Everyone in the home must be in agreement about adopting a dog.
New owners must be willing to provide your chosen dog with the level of exercise and stimulation it requires everyday.
New owners to give the dog reasonable time to settle in and adjust to their new life which can be around a month to 6 months, sometimes longer.
If you are unable to keep the dog it must be returned to us.
An adoption contract must be signed on the day of adoption and an adoption fee is to be paid.
Annual vaccinations and insurance must be kept valid and up to date.
The dog must not be left alone in the home for longer than 5 hours or overnight, other arrangements must be made – we can provide day-care/holiday care.

The Adoption Process

1. Complete and send our Adoption Enquiry Form or call to speak to Amy or Gill.
2. Receive a call back or email from one of the team to discuss your ideal dog and requirements
3. Make an appointment to see the dogs you have chosen who appear most ideal
4. Take your chosen dog out for a walk, out for the day to your home, and get to know them in every way possible over 1-2 weeks
5. If everything goes well, complete the adoption process with signing the contract and taking your new family member home!

If you like the sound of our process then call us. Remember you cant choose a dog from a picture or from the first meeting. You need to get to know the dog, see how it fits into your home, family and life. That way when you do sign the adoption contract you know it will be forever.

Oakwood Dog Rescue
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