Last Chance Animal Rescue

Name Of Rescue: Last Chance Animal Rescue

Website and/or contact details of rescue:

Where rescue is based (Town, County): Edenbridge, Kent

Where rescue rehome to: All over the UK

Type of animal(s) Rescue deals with: domestica pets, but help with all

Is Rescue breed specific? Please explain either way: no

Do you neuter all animals before leaving for forever homes where applicable? Please explain either way: definately

Do you always home check?: oh yes, three or more checks

If applicable do you always vaccinate?: certainly do

If applicable do you always worm/flea treat?: yest

If applicable do you microchip?: all our animals, whatever they be are

Do you provide insurance when rehoming to new owners?: yes, Pet Plan

Will you always take the animal back no matter what? If not please explain under what circumstances etc: yes, it’s a legal statement within our adoption form.

Rough ‘donation’ guide per animal, please also explain what this involves:
generally, but not always, we consider the animals needs, health and much more, our adoption fee does not cover any of our costs for their general health care, neutering, vaccinations, worming/flea treament, ID chipping and insurance, let alone veterinary needs and grooming, feeding, heating, staffing, bedding etc.

we have different fees for different animals in our care, please check out our web site which I sent you earlier.

Can RHU staff/volunteers contact you about animals needing rescue backup that have been posted in our ‘backup needed’ section?:

Sure, but I will be honest, we are a very small rescue and we already go to Wales every week and collect from two pounds and take ALL the dogs and cats that are due to be destroyed on the Tuesday of every week, also we take from the public and help many other rescues when and if we can. So will help if we can.

Last Chance Animal Rescue
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