Furever Homes Rescue

Name of Rescue:
Furever Homes Rescue
Website address: n/a
Rescue Facebook URL (optional): https://www.facebook.com/groups/7422…ref=ts&fref=ts
Rescue Twitter URL (optional): n/a


*Contact name(s): Zoe Parfitt (myself) Fee Lambourne
*Contact telephone number:07597917837
*Contact address: Cherry Trees, Phillis Hill, Paulton, Bristol, BS39 7SL

Where rescue is based (Town, County): Somerset

Where rescue rehome to (e.g. with X miles or in X,Y,Z counties, or UK wide): UK Wide

Type of animal(s) Rescue deals with: Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, small furries.

Is Rescue breed specific?: No

Do you neuter all animals before leaving for forever homes where applicable? Please provide details of your neutering policy:
(*If any animals are not neutered before rehoming due to age/health etc. please provide specific details on your policies, timescales for neutering by the new home, how this is checked by the rescue etc.)

All animals neutered with the acception of small furries and guinea pigs. Males are castrated whilst in foster, females neutered if season if known if not are rehomed with a Spey contract which must be followed, once speyed they get £100 which they pay to the rescue back. Started booking in at their vets now and getting notified if the animal has been speyed.

Do you always home check?:
Do you always vaccinate? (if applicable):
Do you always worm/flea treat? (if applicable):
Do you microchip? (if applicable):
Do you provide insurance when rehoming to new owners?:
Will you always take the animal back no matter what? If not please explain under what circumstances etc:
Rough ‘donation’ required per animal, please also explain what this involves:
Female Dogs £170……….
Females with spey contract..£205, payback of £100 when confirmed by the vets
Male Dogs £160…………
Female Cats £45…………
Male Cats £40…………..
Kittens having packs £50
Kittens having neuter £60
Female GPs £15…..
two for £25……
Male GPs £10 each……..
Female rabbits speyed £45…
two for £80……
Male rabbits Castrated £40…
two for £70……

Can RHU staff/volunteers contact you about animals needing rescue backup that have been posted in our ‘backup needed’ section?:
How long (approx.) has the rescue been active?:
2 years
Other information (optional):

Furever Homes Rescue
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