Cornwall & South Devon Boxer Rescue

Name Of Rescue:CORNWALL & SOUTH DEVON BOXER RESCUE Registered Charity no. 1139146
Website of rescue:
Where rescue is based:St Blazey and Torbay
Where rescue rehome to:All over the South West
Is Rescue breed specific? if so and if not please explain?:BOXER RESCUE, but we are asked to help with other dogs and we cannot say no to a call for help.
Do you neuter all animals before leaving for forever homes where applicable?No please explain either way:We are only a small rescue and funds are tight!If applicable do you always vaccinate?:Yes
If applicable do you always worm/flea treat:Yes
If applicable do you microchip?:Not yetDo you provide insurance when rehoming to new owners?:No
Will you always take the animal back no matter what?if not please explain under what circumstances etc:Yes
Rough ‘donation’ guide per animal please also explain what this involves:£120-£150 Covers costs like vet fees, transport, telephone, food etc. Hopefully a small amount to go towards emergencies, usually vet bills/kennelling.

Wherever possible, we do a homecheck prior to placing the boxer, but distance can be a problem so the homecheck sometimes happens as we place the dog. We will stay until we feel that the dog is in the right home and the new owners feel happy.
Due to problems with cheques bouncing on us frequently, we ask that the donation is in cash so as not to incur costs. Cheques from building societies that will be honoured are acceptable..Thankyou!

We work hard at assessing our boxers first and putting them into the right home our main concern. Being a smaller rescue, we are building on our profile and hoping to find loving homes soon for the dogs in our care.:489341:

Cornwall & South Devon Boxer Rescue
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