All Dogs Matter

Name Of Rescue: All Dogs Matter
Website of rescue:
Where rescue is based: London
Where rescue rehome to: Anywhere providing we get get a homecheck and owner collects dog from us in London
Is Rescue breed specific? if so and if not please explain?: No we rehome any breed of dogs but obviously mainly rehome Staffs
Do you neuter all animals before leaving for forever homes where applicable? please explain either way: Yes. If too young then adoptee has to sign an agreement to bring the dog back to us or provide proof of neutering
If applicable do you always vaccinate?: Yes
If applicable do you always worm/flea treat: Yes
If applicable do you microchip?: Yes
Do you provide insurance when rehoming to new owners?: No but recommend it
Will you always take the animal back no matter what?if not please explain under what circumstances etc: Yes, we always insist the dog comes back to us if the owner can no longer keep
Rough ‘donation’ guide per animal please also explain what this involves: depending on age but usually £120-150 which includeds vaccinations, microchipping, neutering, defleaingand worming

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All Dogs Matter

All Dogs Matter
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