If you need to find a new home for your pet please read this advice about rescue backup

Rescue or private rehoming?

We strongly recommend trying to find rescue help in the first instance.

Rescues have procedures in place to give the animal the best chance of a successful rehoming, and LIFETIME backup so that the animal can come back in to their care if it has to leave it’s home again at any time in the future.

There’s no guarantee that a rescue will be able to help but we ask that you make the effort to find out before advertising the animal for sale or ‘free to good home’.

You can post your animals details on our forum in the ‘rescue backup needed’ section, and if rescues can help they’ll contact you.

Find a rescue local to you

Search our animal rescue directory to find a rescue nearby who may be able to take the animal in to their care and/or organise a safe rehoming. Search by county.

If you can’t find a nearby rescue in our directory, visit your local vets and pet shops as they’re likely to know about local rescues.

Find a ‘breed-specific’ rescue

Search our animal rescue directory for a rescue who specialise in rehoming the type or breed of animal you’re needing to rehome. They will have a good knowledge of the type of animal and may even have a waiting list of potential adopters! Search by animal type or dog breed.

Note about ‘no-kill’ rescues & shelters

When contacting rescues, please check that they do not advocate the euthanisation of dogs unless for serious medical or aggression reasons, under the advice of a qualified professional.

When rehoming an animal to the public:

  • HOMECHECK – You should ensure that a new home is suitable for your pet and it’s future happiness. Be safe, it’s a recommended to take someone with you to a homecheck, or at least give someone information of where you are going.You do not have to give an answer at the homecheck, you can tell them you have seen a few people and now need to decide which is the best place for your pet.
  • BE PICKY – We know in some situations an animal has to leave a home as a matter of urgency. You should still aim for a safe new home and not rush into a decision that could jeopardise your pet’s happiness or welfare in the future. Never feel pressured into a decision, if someone really wants your pet for the right reasons, they won’t mind your procedures or the time your decision takes.
  • TRUST YOUR INSTINCT – If you feel someone is not right for your pet, the chances are they probably aren’t. Don’t be afraid to decline an offer if your instincts tell you it’s the right decision.
  • NEUTER & SPAY – Where possible, neuter or spay entire animals before rehoming. This stops there being any chance of them going on to produce more animals and contributing the UK’s overbreeding crisis.

‘Free to good home’

It’s a sad fact that offering an animal ‘free to good home’ can be risky. Animals offered for free can and do fall into the ‘wrong hands’, sometimes even ending up used as bait dogs in dog fighting circuits – it sounds horrendous but these things really do happen.

This can happen to all breeds and all ages, don’t assume your cute little puppy or your gentle old chap is safe!

Please remember not everyone wants a dog for the right reasons.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information, we hope you can use it to ensure a safe and happy rehoming.

Feel free to register on our forum if you need any more advice or are interested in becoming an animal rescue volunteer

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