Pups with parvo – URGENT APPEAL – June 2015

It’s not often I see things that shock the life out of me…

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They need desperate shares & major networking to groups.

All of the 4 emaciated pups are now in the vets on drips please pray hard people there lives are in risk

Parvovirus is a terrible disease & there little bodies are so frail .. They need our support now & Preyers.. These babies have been failed from the start & have most likely spent there lives in a cage they are no more than 9 months old and in terrible conditions

Please Share & be there voice now when they need us .. On Average vets treatment for parvovirus is £2000 per pup .. Rescues are already struggling so other lives will be affected without help.. There simply isn’t enough funding to be able to take on more death row dogs in the same situation Please help them to help more if you can

Please if anyone would like to help there are several ways.

Paypal redsrescuedogs@gmail.com (Funds will be equally split between the 4 pups and sent to vets ) Frances Adores Bullbreeds (F.A.B)

PABLO & ROMAN (due to high number of calls to vets they have asked there number be removed as many were just calling to see how pups were) so donations can be made via bank (if inbox ) or the text option or paypal x

Donations can also be sent by text FOR Pablo …..Text PABL15 £5 (or whatever amount you would prefer) to 70070 to donate to PABLO

PABLO He tested positive for parvovirus he is now on drips and will have had a feeding tube inserted . He went down hill very very quickly his temperature was 39.6 and he was totally dehydrated his gums were almost white . We are still waiting on bloods and electrolytes. He is very week
His digestive tract has seized due to the severe malnutrition .He weighed in at 6 kilos Looks like pablo also has demodex

ROMAN is the stronger of the 4 pups has a high temp & lethargic but responding well his prognosis is good and he has responded well to the cocktail of meds .

Direct to Vets Rushden, Northants, NN10 9TA 01933 314199
Both Possibly have Dermodex but were considered too poorly to have advocate on top of all their other meds but it is in the pipeline too

HUGO’S liver damage has been caused from severe malnutrition, it started to affect his internal organs has high temp, lethargic, soft poo and stopped eating and drinking weighs 6.3kg

BUTTONS is on a drip and we are awaiting his blood results has high temps, lethargic, soft poo and stopped eating and drinking Buttons weighs 5.9kg


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Its not often i see things that shock the life out of me .. 🙁

We had 4 pups to find rescue space a few days ago.. You may of seen Hayley Fowles Post .. We did have a few offers & are very grateful.. but there was 1 special lady that we both agreed would give these babies the ultimate care & meet their needs 100% .. They were handed into the pound but were in such a bad way it was agreed by the pound they served there 7 days in kennels together .. No way were they going to be claimed as neglect cases .. the owner wouldn’t want to be prosecuted .. Ruth Banham New Transported these babies & as soon as she put them in the crate they instantly panicked & ripped at the bars to escape totally destroying it ..She stopped on route 2 let 2 of the brothers out who instantly calmed when close to her.. We had no idea until Ruth collected them how poor a condition they actually was.

The only info we were given, is that the little white baby (now named Pablo) was sunburnt on arrival.. So were guessing the pups have been kept in cages outside .. Starved for a long period of time
They are all 50% of there body weight .. Hugo weighs just 6.3kg (the larger pup of the 4).. Buttons weighs 5.9kg Both had a high temperature & have been given antibiotics and had an antibiotic and anti inflammatory jab, and wormer .. Pablo & Roman are visiting the vets tomorrow they will more than likely have the same.. All of them are so tiny there penis’s will not retract It may be caused by damage to the preputial muscles and or malnutrition causing lack of muscle (medical term Paraphimosis ) paraphimosis is usually considered a true medical emergency.

They have sores on their pads / underneath their feet consistant with standing in pee or wet for long periods of time. The skin is actually peeling away.

These babies are under the care of Frances Adores Bullbreeds (F.A.B) Its going to be a long battle to get them to trust again.. & they will need ongoing treatment .. That’s aside from the usual vac’s neuter costs .. which is going to be a long way off yet.. For now they will be cared for properly & are in the perfect hands .. They will be taught how to play,socialise,and know what love feels like..
We doubt they even know what a toy is

I know i’m always on the beg .. but the treatment for care they will need is going to be ongoing & costly its alot for a rescue to take on.. most wouldn’t be in a position to be able to commit to babies such as these. As they have to be with fosters that are fully aware of how to look after them..
So if you can please share & help if you can .. Were all in shock that people can be so cruel .. at the most there 9 months old.. and have very likely spent the start or their lives in a cage .. That’s no way for puppy’s to live

If you would like to help these babies their paypal is redsrescuedogs@gmail.com
(payment friends & family) ref Pups x

Pups with parvo – URGENT APPEAL – June 2015

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