An open letter to UK animal rescues

Below is our open letter to all UK animal rescues (ones which aren’t already members of RHU).  If you know a rescue that isn’t a member, or if you could crosspost this letter by posting on websites, forums, sending emails etc. – please help us to find more rescues to join us.

Together we can save more animals from unnecessary destruction.

Here is a PDF version of this letter to rescues. Feel free to link to it, download it, print it, email it, send it wherever you like and to whoever you think might find the info useful.

Thank you!

Rescue Helpers Unite is a 100% free online service that brings volunteers and animal rescues together.

Rescue animals

We currently have over 1300 members and new volunteers are joining every day.

Over 140 UK animal rescues have already registered and we’d love for you to join us!

Rescues use our forum to post requests for help with:

  • transporting
  • homechecking
  • fostering
  • assessments
  • rehoming

…and anything else our members may be able to help with such as fundraising, raising awareness, advertising special appeals etc.

Our records show that an animal is helped by RHU members (by either transporting, homechecking, fostering, assessing etc.) on average ONCE EVERY 3 HOURS!

And this is just the cases on record – since 2007 our website has been providing an invaluable network and community for rescues and volunteers, so it’d be impossible to count the true number of animals that have been helped thanks to RHU’s members.

We welcome all kinds of rescue, big or small, and are happy to help any type of animal in need.

One of the toughest areas of our work is with the death row dogs (poundies). Almost daily we see posts listing dogs whose lives are hanging in the balance. Our members and staff do our best to help ‘pound helpers’ get as many dogs as possible out of the pound and in to rescue, whether that means transporting a dog from one end of the country to the other, or sending donations to put a dog in to emergency boarding until a rescue space can be found.

Sadly we can’t save them all and regularly receive news from the ‘pound helpers’ stating that dogs have been euthanised.

With more rescues and volunteers working together we can save more lives.

We promote best practices by working with rescues that follow certain standards, such as neutering and vaccinating as a minimum (for animals where this is applicable) and homechecking all new owners.

Please visit us on the web for more information and come join our friendly community (we have a lot of fun together too!)

Thank you,
From everyone at RHU

Join the forum at

An open letter to UK animal rescues

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