circles_lrg_dog1Volunteer transporters are always needed and are a massive help to animal rescues all over the UK.

If you have a vehicle, a driving license and some time to spare (and if possible, petrol money) you could be perfect to volunteer as an animal transporter.

Rescue animals need transport for a number of reasons like moving from a home or kennels in to rescue care, moving in to a foster home, transport to and from the vets etc.

Many of the transport requests on our forum are for animals in very urgent situations, like dogs in Local Authority pounds where they are due to be put to sleep if they cannot be moved before their 7 day claiming period is up.

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Safety and insurance for animal rescue volunteer transporting

Transporting an animal to a place of safety is important but it is paramount that the safety of those doing the transporting is considered too.

If you are transporting you should ensure that you know all relevant details about the animal prior to commencing the run including details of their temperament, and any possible health problems and who is the legal owner of the animal.

(When rescues post transport requests on our forum we ask them to provide this information in their request.)

Any member offering transport should check with their insurance company that they are covered to carry animals on a volunteer basis. Most insurance companies are happy to cover this at no extra charge but it should be noted on your policy.

Transporting poundies (dogs from Council pounds)

If transporting poundies on a regular basis, it’s wise to invest in some sort of soluble disinfectant for your car, that way – just a quick squirt after each run and you can eliminate the risk of spreading diseases like parvo.

You can buy low cost disinfectant tablets that can be dissolved and turned in to a spray, then simply give your vehicle a spray down after it’s been in contact with an dog that may be unvaccinated.

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